Mr. Rooster Cup and the Mariner’s Compass Quilt Sale

We introduced Mr. Rooster Cup last week as our mascot. He goes on various adventures through the fabric and products we have in the shop, learning something new about them in the process. He also introduces new products!

IMG_20140418_134433 IMG_20140418_134457

Today, Mr. Rooster Cup is very pleased to let you all know that the quilt behind him is the introduction of our 18″ Mariner’s Compass Quilt Kit and Block, which are officially ready! This quilt top was pieced by three generations of ladies in the Farmland Quilting store: Virginia Schewe (grandma), Lora Kennedy (mom), and Jenny Ferguson (daughter). It will be on display in our booth at the Paducah Quilt Show!

We also have a very special surprise for all of you: the Stable Piecing foundation kit to make this quilt will be available to purchase on our website on Wednesday at 9am! Due to this special debut, we have decided to offer a discount for all online purchases of this quilt kit between Wednesday and Saturday, corresponding to the Paducah Quilt Show times. You will receive $9.25 off and free shipping on each and every quilt kit! It’s a great deal, and only available through next Saturday!

Here is a picture of the whole quilt! Enjoy.



Mr. Rooster Cup and the Adventures of the Wide Back Flannel

We introduced Mr. Rooster Cup last week as our mascot. He goes on various adventures through the fabric and products we have in the shop, learning something new about them in the process. He also introduces new products!

 IMG_20140416_143518 IMG_20140416_143556

Today, drinking his French Vanilla coffee, he ventured near the wide back fabric and found something new! Wide back flannel, white and natural in color, This flannel is 100% cotton and is 108″ wide!

This fleece is great for quilt backing and those projects that require a little extra width. At only $11.99 per yard, Mr. Rooster Cup approves of this great bargain. Stay tuned to see what he turns up with next week!


Forgotten Shops Hop: April 11-19

Forgotten Shops Hop


This spring, a new quilt shop hop’s coming to town! Presenting the Forgotten Shops Hop, this hop features nine quilt stores in Central Illinois. These shops are normally outside the geographic boundaries of most hops in South Central Illinois, so we decided to get together to create one of our own!

The quilt theme for this year is Forgotten Blocks, using fabrics and block patterns from the 1880’s-1900’s. Each shop will have a 12” quilt block kit for purchase for $5, including tax. Each shop will also have a finishing kit available. This means you get lots of options to choose from!

Pictures of the finished quilts will be posted on the Facebook pages of Farmland Quilting & Embroidery, Main Street Quilt Company, Mini Mall Quilt Shop, The Wooden Spool, and Times Square Sewing Complex.

Hours: On Friday, April 11 & 18, all shops will be open from 9a-7p. On Saturday, April 12 & 19, all shops will be open from 9a-3p. The rest of the week, all shops will maintain their normal hours.


Visit all 9 shops to qualify for the following prizes:

Grand Prize: 90 fat quarters
2nd Prize: $100 gift card*
3rd Prize: $50 gift card*

*You can use these gift cards at any of the participating shops in the hop.

Each shop will also have a $25 gift certificate to give away. You can only spend this gift certificate at that shop.


You can purchase passports* for the hop from any of the participating shops. You can purchase these ahead of time or at the first shop you visit.

Cost: $5 (limit one per person)

*Passport holder must be present to get it stamped from the different shops. You will get one stamp on your initial visit to each shop.

There is a list below of all of the shops who are participating and their addresses.


Introducing Mr. Rooster Cup!!

Mr. Rooster Cup

Meet Mr. Rooster Cup, our new shop mascot! He goes on various adventures through the fabric and products we have in the shop, learning something new about them in the process. He also introduces new products!

Today, he is enjoying some nice coffee in front of the new Cardinals fleece we just got in. They just opened the season on Monday, so what better time to make a blanket or poncho to wear to the games and show your support!

Plaid and RedWe have red, plaid, and black fleece showcasing the St. Louis Cardinals logo and bird. Supplies are limited, so hurry in to get yours today!

Plaid and Black


Dallas Quilt Show Photographs

Here are several pictures we took while down in Dallas at the quilt show a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!    ~Lora

This quilt won Best of Show.  Believe it or not, the back is black fabric.  The color is the quilting thread used.  The quilter used the same thread in the bobbin as on the top.  This creates the shadow effect you see here.


The following pictures were of the booths as well as some more of the quilts.  They were taken in random order and at different times during the show.  Hope you enjoy!

20140308_103720_resized 20140308_103709_resized 20140308_103622_resized 20140308_103551_resized 20140308_103543_resized  20140308_103416_resized 20140308_103354_resized 20140308_103346_resized 20140308_103226_resized20140308_103209_resized20140308_103330_resized20140308_103315_resized    20140308_103249_resized20140308_103139_resized20140308_103113_resized20140308_103033_resized20140308_103005_resized20140308_102947_resized20140308_102918_resized20140308_102906_resized20140308_103735_resized

Spring is coming-You may have to go to Texas to find it.

We are very excited to be going to Dallas, Texas, in a couple of weeks for the Dallas Quilt Celebration 2014.  It is March 7-9.  First thing, it should be warm there.  Maybe we can bring Spring back with us.  I don’t remember ever being in Dallas, so this is going to be a very fun trip.  We have the 12″ Mariner’s Compass block ready to go.  I even have a complete sample made.  Now, by complete, I mean the top is pieced.  The quilting will have to come later.  Will try to remember my camera and have some pictures to share with you when we get back.


Snow Storms and Quilt Shows

Both of these items are occupying my mind today.  We are in the middle of one of the most severe snow storms we have had in the last 20 years or so, and I am preparing to leave in less than 48 hours for a quilt show in Oklahoma City.  It is a good thing we have some extra time built into the schedule as we may not be on the road as soon as I had hoped.  In the meantime the snow is a wonderful reminder of just how lucky we all are to have a warm house and electric power to be able to keep using our toys, such as my sewing machine and computer.

I have been sewing and baking all day.  It happens to be my husband’s birthday.  He is enjoying homemade bread and apple pie.

My sewing has seen a bed runner top completed.  Now to find a piece of batting and really complete the project.  This runner will be on display in Oklahoma City.

This show will be at Cox Pavilion on the Oklahoma State Fair Grounds.  It is open 10a – 5p Thursday – Saturday, January 9-11.

We also have a couple of new Stable Piecing blocks coming out in February. They’ll be available to order online as well as over the phone. Two variations and sizes of the Mariner’s Compass that have been in the works for quite a while now! The one on the left is the 18in Mariner’s Compass with 11 different colors. Isn’t it just gorgeous! The one on the right is the 12in Mariner’s Compass with 4 different colors. Both were pieced by Virginia Schewe.

MarinersCompass18In MarinersCompass12In

Stay warm and see you soon!

Quilt Shows!

We’re off to a couple of quilt shows this weekend. Lora is headed to St. Charles, MO and Virginia is going to Evansville, IN. We’ve been to both shows for several years now. It’s a busy weekend, and we’re hoping to see some of you! Stop by our booths to see the live demonstrations of Stable Piecing, and maybe pick some up to try. Or, stop by the shop and see some of our new decorations! We’re working on re-doing our front flower beds, so no more HUGE bushes! Hope to see you soon.