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The holiday season is coming, as well as our November sale on our in-stock garments such as:  coats, polos, hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, etc. – at 30% off while supplies last! (This does not include letter coats or hats). As always we will be open during normal hours the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving turkey

We have just completed our show circuit for this year, the last one we attended was in Bloomington, Indiana. We had a great time! However the weather was brisk, making it just chilly enough to make you appreciate the hot chocolate. Since our last show, we now get to stay home and plan for Thanksgiving. I am still blessed to be able to have all my kids home at the same time and point during the long Thanksgiving weekend.


As we begin to welcome the holiday seasons, I find it is mid-November and I have icicles hanging from my truck. There is a nice blanket of snow covering the grass, a dusting on the roads, and icy spots on the sidewalks. The leaves have all blown away and my last rose bush has succumbed to the freezing weather. I still have a few mums in protected areas around my house that have blooms that don’t look frost bitten yet, that won’t last much longer though.


Mom is still coming up with more Stable Piecing designs!  She is developing the foundations and writing the first draft of the pattern, while I am working on testing these new designs. The first release of the new year will be a collection of miniatures. My daughter is piecing these and writing the first draft of the pattern, the initial release will be 2″ & 3″ blocks. I have seen a couple of the blocks and they are going to be awesome!

May I ask for your help?  Feel free to give feed back and let me know how you would use these miniatures – Christmas ornaments, cornerstones, borders, garment embellishments, etc.?

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope to see you soon,


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