Embroidery Problems: My Fabric’s Too Small!

One of my friends dropped by the shop a couple of days ago with an embroidery problem.

She had a design that was to go in a specified area and the fabric had already been cut to the size needed–which was smaller than the hoop.

One solution to this would be to mount sticky-back stabilizer in the hoop and stick the piece of fabric to it. That’s fine if it is only one piece of fabric. However, if it is a fabric/batting/fabric sandwich, the bottom piece of fabric will stick to the sticky-back but the batting and top fabric will shift.

Solution two follows: Take a piece of lightweight cut-away stabilizer that is large enough to hoop and machine baste the piece you wish to embroider to this stabilizer. Then hoop the stabilizer. The fabric–or fabric sandwich–you basted to it will not shift. For extra support for the stitches, float a layer of medium weight tear-away under the hoop.

Since some lightweight cut-aways are pretty thin, you may have trouble getting the stabilizer taut enough in the hoop. Try this: Get a roll of that white or skin-toned sports wrap at the drug store and wrap the inner hoop of your hoop set. It sticks to itself when stretched slightly and wrapped. This should fix the problem.

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