Christmas is A-Comin’!

Much as I dislike talking about Christmas before Thanksgiving, I know that I, and probably you, also, need to think about what we are going to give. If you are like me, you like making presents yourself…..there’s just something special about a gift that comes from your heart and hands.¬†With that in mind, may I suggest a couple of quick–and I do mean QUICK– gifts to make.

Fleece Pillows

One is pillows made of polar fleece–you know, the kind we make blankets from. All you need is 2 pieces of fleece that measure 2″ to 4″ larger than your desired pillow size. This 2″ to 4″ is arbitrary depending how long you want fringe to be, so plan accordingly. You will need a pillow form or you could substitute poly fill stuffing or scraps of quilt batting in place of the pillow form.

Pin the pieces of fleece together. Decide how long you want the fringe to be–say 1″–and stitch around 3 sides this distance from the cut edges. Use a longer stitch length than for quilt block piecing. Insert the pillow form or stuff and close the remaining side.

Make fringe by cutting from the outer edges of the fleece up to —but not through— the stitching.

10 Minute Table Runner

For another quick gift think about making a 10-minute table runner. You can insert Insul-Batt when finishing it to make a long pot holder! We have several kits available in the store and fabric if you don’t find what you like in our kit choices. The batting is not included.

 1 Hour Blanket

There’s also the 1-Hour baby blanket. These are kits with fabric and directions included. You can make a beautiful blanket for that little one in your life and still have time to finish that other quilt you’ve been working on!

Until next time, keep those needles humming.


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