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Nolting Quilting Machines Booth

Paducah Quilt Show: Round 2

Yesterday and today saw us busy all day! We love the business, though we’ll be glad to go home when it’s all over. A lot of people stopped by to say hi and we really enjoyed seeing familiar and new faces! Several people came back to see us from the previous year or other quilt shows wanting more patterns and the newest designs.

I have been able to make a trip over to the Convention Center during the crazy day hours. The aisles were packed! I was able to get a couple of pairs of scissors sharpened by one of the vendors in the main ballroom. They did a great job, even polishing them to look like new! I barely recognized them when I stopped by to pick them up. Lora and Virginia have both been able to take a few minutes during the day to wander around the Pavilion. We have seen many of the same vendors as previous years, and had a grand time catching up on what’s what in everyone’s own little world.

Most of the rest of the time, we have been in the booth, demonstrating and explaining. For those of you who don’t know, Stable Piecing is a great alternative to regular paper piecing. It is pre-printed on a special foundation that doesn’t dull your sewing machine needle, tears out easily with a smaller stitch length, or can be left in with a longer stitch length! It doesn’t transfer ink to your iron, doesn’t loose sizing when it gets creased or crumpled, and actually grips your fabric, keeping it from slipping all over the place. I personally love to use it, and it goes together so fast!

The last couple of nights were quite a production. We stayed up printing additional Stable Piecing through the night to fill in what we sold out of during the day. When I say “we,” of course I mean Lora and Virginia. I know them as Mom and Grandma! I wanted to take a bit to share how hard these ladies have worked in recent years, and give them some well-deserved and long-overdue recognition. As I sit here typing, they are manufacturing more Stable Piecing, talking amongst themselves to get everything just right.

They have devoted many long hours to making Stable Piecing a quality product. I rarely see them without discussing some aspect of the product with them. It really is a team effort: Grandma comes up with the designs and illustrates them; Mom and I test the patterns and foundations, making edits until we all agree; I photograph the samples and put together the packaging, as well as keep Mom and Grandma in catalogs, business cards, and the website.

Make sure to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. Leave us a comment below or stop by booth 4517/4519 at the Paducah Quilt Show to see it for yourselves!

Happy Quilting!

Log Cabin Lone Star Image

Paducah Quilt Show: Round 1

Today (Wednesday) was the first day vending at the quilt show for us. For those of you who don’t know, we are located in the Pavilion, also known as the Bubble. This means that we got to go to preview night in the convention center last night (Tuesday) since the Pavilion isn’t open. It was phenomenal! Gorgeous quilts from all over the world, vendors with dozens of different products, tools and gadgets and huge crowds of people were all part of the experience.

Lora and Virginia Looking at Quilts

Lora and Virginia looking at all the quilts on display

In the main ballroom, they had several large vendors from the different sewing and quilting machine companies such as Nolting, Janome and Elna. Several different thread carriers also made quite a presentation! Most of the show quilts hung along the center aisles. There were a lot of more traditional patterns this year, usually with a really interesting twist.

Nolting Quilting Machines Booth

Lora & Virginia checking out the new Nolting longarm quilting machine

In the back ballroom, several smaller vendors had a range of products from fabrics to seat cushions to fancy irons. They also had other quilt entries hanging there. Several of these had three dimensional objects and painted sections. One with a flock of flying geese really caught my eye!

Modified Flying Geese Quilt

Upstairs, there were yet more quilts! They had a really cool art quilt installation with quilts from ninety fiber artists in three different countries, based around their interpretation of various fine artists’ works. Display cases lined up along one wall also showed off several miniature quilts. The quilting on those was unreal! So tiny, perfectly spaced micro-stippling, super detailed piecing and other art quilting really stole the show. A few more vendors displayed their wares, including a huge booth dedicated to Swarovski rhinestones! Of course, I had to stop by there and add a few things to my stash!

Detail Shot of Miniature Pineapple Quilt

Detail Shot of Miniature Pineapple Quilt in upstairs ballroom of the Convention Center

This morning was slow going at first. After the excitement of last night, who could blame us! We had a good breakfast and then we whisked ourselves off to the show. After adding a few final touches to the booth before the show, we took turns walking around a bit in the Pavilion. There are vendors from all over the world in there! Just in the little bit of walking around, we saw people from Spain, Africa and England.

We were busy for most of the day, sometimes having eight to ten people in and around the booth at the same time! Lora and Jenny did most of the demonstrating, while Virginia (wo)manned the register and inventory. We are introducing our newest patterns at this show: the Log Cabin Lone Star and the Drunkard’s Path.

Log Cabin Lone Star Image

Log Cabin Lone Star Quilt – Pieced by Virginia Schewe

We want to thank everyone who has come to see us so far. We can’t wait for the rest of the show! Stop on by and say hi, or leave us a comment below!

Happy quilting!