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Colored Quilt Block How-To: Bring some color to your spring!

Hi Quilters and Embroiderers!

Have you ever colored quilt blocks? You know, like coloring in a coloring book? Well let me tell you, it’s FUN!!!


First, get a solid color of all cotton fabric. No blends, please. Wash it to remove any starch or sizing, dry it, then iron to remove any wrinkles.

Next, draw a design on the fabric with a washout fabric marking pen. Not artistic? That’s okay, copy a page from a coloring book, tape that to a window or a light box, tape the fabric over the page and trace the design onto the fabric. OR, you could grab any embroidery block with a pattern you like!


Gather a set of Gel Pens and a box of Crayons. It doesn’t matter which brand. I have a box of 96 that I don’t share with anyone else.

With the Gel Pens, go over all the outlines of the design (anything that would be stitched with an outline stitch in embroidery).


Now color in the design with the crayons. Lay down more color for shading, etc, or leave it looking like a fun, kid colored design.

Set your iron on high heat (as high as your fabric will allow), no steam. Lay your colored fabric on the ironing board with colored side up. Lay a paper towel on top and press with the iron. This melts the wax into the paper towel and sets the color.

If you want your design to be darker, color right over the top of what was already done.

Repeat the process of coloring and ironing until you like what you see. And, yes, you can wash these without loosing color. Pre-stamped blocks for embroidery work well for this technique but you can’t pre-wash to remove the sizing or the design will wash out also.


Give it a try. Hope you like it!