Heading to Wisconsin!

Hey all! We are heading to the quilt show at Madison, Wisconsin this weekend. It’s the three generations traveling together again! We rarely get the opportunity to get together like this, but we do have a blast when we can!

We picked a whole bunch of peaches a few days ago and were up to our elbows in jam. We were able to work up most of the ones that really needed it, and found extended family who wanted to take care of the rest. We dropped those off on our way, and let me tell you: those peaches made the truck smell good!

We’re now stopped for the night with more family, and will finish the journey tomorrow. I hope to see several of you this weekend!

All the best,

Nolting Quilting Machines Booth

Paducah Quilt Show: Round 2

Yesterday and today saw us busy all day! We love the business, though we’ll be glad to go home when it’s all over. A lot of people stopped by to say hi and we really enjoyed seeing familiar and new faces! Several people came back to see us from the previous year or other quilt shows wanting more patterns and the newest designs.

I have been able to make a trip over to the Convention Center during the crazy day hours. The aisles were packed! I was able to get a couple of pairs of scissors sharpened by one of the vendors in the main ballroom. They did a great job, even polishing them to look like new! I barely recognized them when I stopped by to pick them up. Lora and Virginia have both been able to take a few minutes during the day to wander around the Pavilion. We have seen many of the same vendors as previous years, and had a grand time catching up on what’s what in everyone’s own little world.

Most of the rest of the time, we have been in the booth, demonstrating and explaining. For those of you who don’t know, Stable Piecing is a great alternative to regular paper piecing. It is pre-printed on a special foundation that doesn’t dull your sewing machine needle, tears out easily with a smaller stitch length, or can be left in with a longer stitch length! It doesn’t transfer ink to your iron, doesn’t loose sizing when it gets creased or crumpled, and actually grips your fabric, keeping it from slipping all over the place. I personally love to use it, and it goes together so fast!

The last couple of nights were quite a production. We stayed up printing additional Stable Piecing through the night to fill in what we sold out of during the day. When I say “we,” of course I mean Lora and Virginia. I know them as Mom and Grandma! I wanted to take a bit to share how hard these ladies have worked in recent years, and give them some well-deserved and long-overdue recognition. As I sit here typing, they are manufacturing more Stable Piecing, talking amongst themselves to get everything just right.

They have devoted many long hours to making Stable Piecing a quality product. I rarely see them without discussing some aspect of the product with them. It really is a team effort: Grandma comes up with the designs and illustrates them; Mom and I test the patterns and foundations, making edits until we all agree; I photograph the samples and put together the packaging, as well as keep Mom and Grandma in catalogs, business cards, and the website.

Make sure to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. Leave us a comment below or stop by booth 4517/4519 at the Paducah Quilt Show to see it for yourselves!

Happy Quilting!

Log Cabin Lone Star Image

Paducah Quilt Show: Round 1

Today (Wednesday) was the first day vending at the quilt show for us. For those of you who don’t know, we are located in the Pavilion, also known as the Bubble. This means that we got to go to preview night in the convention center last night (Tuesday) since the Pavilion isn’t open. It was phenomenal! Gorgeous quilts from all over the world, vendors with dozens of different products, tools and gadgets and huge crowds of people were all part of the experience.

Lora and Virginia Looking at Quilts

Lora and Virginia looking at all the quilts on display

In the main ballroom, they had several large vendors from the different sewing and quilting machine companies such as Nolting, Janome and Elna. Several different thread carriers also made quite a presentation! Most of the show quilts hung along the center aisles. There were a lot of more traditional patterns this year, usually with a really interesting twist.

Nolting Quilting Machines Booth

Lora & Virginia checking out the new Nolting longarm quilting machine

In the back ballroom, several smaller vendors had a range of products from fabrics to seat cushions to fancy irons. They also had other quilt entries hanging there. Several of these had three dimensional objects and painted sections. One with a flock of flying geese really caught my eye!

Modified Flying Geese Quilt

Upstairs, there were yet more quilts! They had a really cool art quilt installation with quilts from ninety fiber artists in three different countries, based around their interpretation of various fine artists’ works. Display cases lined up along one wall also showed off several miniature quilts. The quilting on those was unreal! So tiny, perfectly spaced micro-stippling, super detailed piecing and other art quilting really stole the show. A few more vendors displayed their wares, including a huge booth dedicated to Swarovski rhinestones! Of course, I had to stop by there and add a few things to my stash!

Detail Shot of Miniature Pineapple Quilt

Detail Shot of Miniature Pineapple Quilt in upstairs ballroom of the Convention Center

This morning was slow going at first. After the excitement of last night, who could blame us! We had a good breakfast and then we whisked ourselves off to the show. After adding a few final touches to the booth before the show, we took turns walking around a bit in the Pavilion. There are vendors from all over the world in there! Just in the little bit of walking around, we saw people from Spain, Africa and England.

We were busy for most of the day, sometimes having eight to ten people in and around the booth at the same time! Lora and Jenny did most of the demonstrating, while Virginia (wo)manned the register and inventory. We are introducing our newest patterns at this show: the Log Cabin Lone Star and the Drunkard’s Path.

Log Cabin Lone Star Image

Log Cabin Lone Star Quilt – Pieced by Virginia Schewe

We want to thank everyone who has come to see us so far. We can’t wait for the rest of the show! Stop on by and say hi, or leave us a comment below!

Happy quilting!

Quilters on a Road Trip!

quilters road trip
The Forgotten Shops Hop is over for this year and it was a huge success! We had an increase by 33% of hoppers over the last year. The weather was nice and everyone was feeling the need to get out and about. The yard and garden work has been put off some by the cool, wet weather and this hop was a nice start to the spring season. The prizes have been awarded and we are all looking forward to next year’s hop!


We also recently had our show in Paducah, and thankfully we didn’t forget a single thing! My daughter Jenny went with us, which was wonderful. We always have a grand time together. It is so nice to have three generations enjoying all the same things. This makes for fantastic brainstorming and artistic creation in addition to just having fun!  Our ladies took great care of the shop while we were gone, so if you come by make sure to give them a warm thanks of appreciation.


While on the road we visited a friend in Benton, KY, who has a shop there. It is called
Odds & Ends Fabrics & Crafts.  She was open with extended evening hours to accommodate the Paducah attendees. There is always something fun going on there.  We stopped by on Tuesday evening of Paducah week and had a blast! If you are ever in the area go ahead and give her a visit!


Until next year, Shop Hoppers,




Colored Quilt Block How-To: Bring some color to your spring!

Hi Quilters and Embroiderers!

Have you ever colored quilt blocks? You know, like coloring in a coloring book? Well let me tell you, it’s FUN!!!


First, get a solid color of all cotton fabric. No blends, please. Wash it to remove any starch or sizing, dry it, then iron to remove any wrinkles.

Next, draw a design on the fabric with a washout fabric marking pen. Not artistic? That’s okay, copy a page from a coloring book, tape that to a window or a light box, tape the fabric over the page and trace the design onto the fabric. OR, you could grab any embroidery block with a pattern you like!


Gather a set of Gel Pens and a box of Crayons. It doesn’t matter which brand. I have a box of 96 that I don’t share with anyone else.

With the Gel Pens, go over all the outlines of the design (anything that would be stitched with an outline stitch in embroidery).


Now color in the design with the crayons. Lay down more color for shading, etc, or leave it looking like a fun, kid colored design.

Set your iron on high heat (as high as your fabric will allow), no steam. Lay your colored fabric on the ironing board with colored side up. Lay a paper towel on top and press with the iron. This melts the wax into the paper towel and sets the color.

If you want your design to be darker, color right over the top of what was already done.

Repeat the process of coloring and ironing until you like what you see. And, yes, you can wash these without loosing color. Pre-stamped blocks for embroidery work well for this technique but you can’t pre-wash to remove the sizing or the design will wash out also.


Give it a try. Hope you like it!


Shows, Stable Piecing Miniatures & Batting Special


Spring blog picHey all, it looks like the snow is staring to melt, and spring is just around the corner!I With the spring season comes the excitement of our new show season, in fact our next show will be in Evansville, IN next weekend. After that is Queeny Park in Ballwin, MO the third weekend of March. April however will be our busiest month with shows in Decatur, IL and Paducah, KY. Check our show schedule to see when we will be coming your way!

quilt museum post

Interesting places: we have a quilt museum to tell you about in Lincoln, Nebraska! Called the International Quilt Study Center & Museum, it is located at the University of Nebraska on Lincoln campus. It was started in 1997 with a donation of 950 quilts from ONE couple. If you happen to be traveling through this area it might be something worth seeing and telling your fellow quilt enthusiasts about!

Stable Piecing: We have several new ideas for you using Stable Piecing. The miniatures are coming along nicely, and as always, the pattern is the most time consuming part of the design process. Our testing process takes a while, so as to ensure the very best of our efforts so you can have a beautiful piece to create at home at your leisure. We find that this process is well worth it in the end, as our goal is to give you the best possible product. Coming soon to you: Stable Piecing Miniatures!

batting for post

Batting SPECIAL: We will have a batting special available for pre-order through our website for deliver at Paducah, KY this year. That means you can order batting through our site to receive the special and it will be delivered to the show for you to pick up! (We will be in the Pavillion at the same booth we were at last year). Watch our website for this up and coming special: Just think of all the shipping savings that will be!

Thanks for coming by, and until next time keep up the good work!


Join our knit group: “Knitting with Ginny!”

Hey all! Here to update you with some information this week, we wanted to let you know about our knitting group we have here at Farmland Quilting & Embroidery. We have a knitting circle that meets every Friday of the month from 1-3pm. No fees are required, however feel free to donate 50 cents per week to help pay rent for the room.

The name of the group is “Knitting With Ginny”, but knitting isn’t the only thing we do! This is a great place to come when you can’t find time anywhere else; you won’t have to answer the phone. We work, chat, and laugh a lot. Come prepared to play with yarn, string, fibers etc.

knitting needles

Just bring your HANDWORK project such as:
    Those UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) that are lurking in the closet;
    Sweater parts that are still just parts and nothing wearable;
    The Mile-A-Minute afghan strips that’s not yet an afghan;
    – The embroidered blocks that are gathering dust because the colors
      You chose don’t work with your “now” decor;


HANDWORK is stressed as there are no machines used in the process of making your wonderful creations. This is also a learning time, at every meeting there is a short demonstration of a technique, or information about a product or project.


ALSO: Did you know?
    – There are at least 6 different ways to cast-on for knitting?
    There are only 3 stitches ever used in knitting?
    There are at 7 basic stitches in crochet?
    Tatting is nothing more than tying knots on a string?
    Bobbin lace is a form of weaving?
    Needle lace is made with a needle and thread: no loom required?


Come on in and join us for a fun time! Check our web site’s  Show Calendar if you forget the date or time. Don’t think that you have to be skilled in order to be welcome. If you want to learn to knit, and don’t know a knitting needle from a crochet hook, come on in!  We will be more than glad to help you.


We also have a selection of yarn, thread (both embroidery and crochet), knitting needles, crochet hooks, etc.  More will be coming in the near future.


Keep that thread or yarn flowing through your fingers!


The Forgotten Shop Hop is back again for its second year! Eight shops will be participating this year, but never fear: you will have nine blocks available, and we are making two blocks for you! All the blocks are baskets of some sort, each one has it’s own unique characteristics. You will be able to embellish them with your own style, therefore making your quilt a “one of a kind” treasure.


FQ&E's 2014 Shop Hop Quilt Entry

FQ&E’s 2014 Shop Hop Quilt

All the blocks finish at 12″ and they are all made to be set on point. Mom and I have had a blast designing the finishing kit we are going to use; the ideas are endless! The difficulty was choosing just one.

The hop has a scavenger hunt for you to participate in this year, and each shop is giving a $25 gift certificate of its own!  Prizes will be given for just visiting the shops, and a different prize for participating in the scavenger hunt. Have your passport stamped at each shop to make sure you get your name in the running for all the prizes. Passports can be purchased ahead of time or at the first shop you visit.

ShopHop banner

All the shops will be open at the same time to make your trip planning much easier. Pick up your flyer at any of the participating shops to get all the details. We are looking forward to seeing you all again this year!



Home for the Holidays!

30% OFF

The holiday season is coming, as well as our November sale on our in-stock garments such as:  coats, polos, hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, etc. – at 30% off while supplies last! (This does not include letter coats or hats). As always we will be open during normal hours the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving turkey

We have just completed our show circuit for this year, the last one we attended was in Bloomington, Indiana. We had a great time! However the weather was brisk, making it just chilly enough to make you appreciate the hot chocolate. Since our last show, we now get to stay home and plan for Thanksgiving. I am still blessed to be able to have all my kids home at the same time and point during the long Thanksgiving weekend.


As we begin to welcome the holiday seasons, I find it is mid-November and I have icicles hanging from my truck. There is a nice blanket of snow covering the grass, a dusting on the roads, and icy spots on the sidewalks. The leaves have all blown away and my last rose bush has succumbed to the freezing weather. I still have a few mums in protected areas around my house that have blooms that don’t look frost bitten yet, that won’t last much longer though.


Mom is still coming up with more Stable Piecing designs!  She is developing the foundations and writing the first draft of the pattern, while I am working on testing these new designs. The first release of the new year will be a collection of miniatures. My daughter is piecing these and writing the first draft of the pattern, the initial release will be 2″ & 3″ blocks. I have seen a couple of the blocks and they are going to be awesome!

May I ask for your help?  Feel free to give feed back and let me know how you would use these miniatures – Christmas ornaments, cornerstones, borders, garment embellishments, etc.?

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope to see you soon,


Christmas is A-Comin’!

Much as I dislike talking about Christmas before Thanksgiving, I know that I, and probably you, also, need to think about what we are going to give. If you are like me, you like making presents yourself…..there’s just something special about a gift that comes from your heart and hands. With that in mind, may I suggest a couple of quick–and I do mean QUICK– gifts to make.

Fleece Pillows

One is pillows made of polar fleece–you know, the kind we make blankets from. All you need is 2 pieces of fleece that measure 2″ to 4″ larger than your desired pillow size. This 2″ to 4″ is arbitrary depending how long you want fringe to be, so plan accordingly. You will need a pillow form or you could substitute poly fill stuffing or scraps of quilt batting in place of the pillow form.

Pin the pieces of fleece together. Decide how long you want the fringe to be–say 1″–and stitch around 3 sides this distance from the cut edges. Use a longer stitch length than for quilt block piecing. Insert the pillow form or stuff and close the remaining side.

Make fringe by cutting from the outer edges of the fleece up to —but not through— the stitching.

10 Minute Table Runner

For another quick gift think about making a 10-minute table runner. You can insert Insul-Batt when finishing it to make a long pot holder! We have several kits available in the store and fabric if you don’t find what you like in our kit choices. The batting is not included.

 1 Hour Blanket

There’s also the 1-Hour baby blanket. These are kits with fabric and directions included. You can make a beautiful blanket for that little one in your life and still have time to finish that other quilt you’ve been working on!

Until next time, keep those needles humming.